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Important Info

don't sweat the serious stuff


For longer lasting bars, store soap and shampoo in a soap holder or dish when not in use, to allow to dry out

design, colour & weight

All our soaps and products are handmade in small batches, which means we can't replicate the exact pattern, colour or design with each new batch. We do follow the same recipe, however each batch has its own unique personality and may appear slightly different than what is shown in the pictures. 

As all of our soap is handmade and hand cut, please be aware that some of the weights may vary slightly.


We don't  use any artificial colouring in our products, instead relying on natural alternatives such as French clays, and other botanical ingredients. Please note that colours may stain light coloured wash cloths. If you are concerned, test a small area first or use a dark wash cloth.

As with all new skin products, always try a small area first to check for any adverse reactions. Everyone's skin is different and reactions can occur to any ingredient. If you have any problems, discontinue use immediately and contact us and send the product back for a full refund (shipping not included).


Products are for external use only.

If you are pregnant, please check that the ingredients and essential oils in a particular product are suitable for your use. Check with your doctor or healthcare provider if you are unsure. 

product claims & evaluations

 While we carefully combine ingredients in each product and soap in a way people may find helpful, we don't claim that products will cure ailments. In order to do so we would have to register the product or soap with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and pay costly fees which we would have to pass on to you, which as a small business making handcrafted products which we wish to keep as affordable as possible, we choose not to do.

Bird Body Essentials Pty Ltd is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of any of our products. 

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