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Each participant in this 5-hour workshop will leave armed with the knowledge of how to make soap, shampoo and salves. 

You will learn the history of soap making, Castile soap - the French process, safety of soap making, the difference between the processes of cold and hot soap making. 

During the workshop, participants will collect herbs from the medicinal garden to create our salve, and shampoo bars, make a batch of hot process soap and a batch of solid shampoo together. 

After a lunch break when the soaps have been allowed to cool, the logs of soap will be cut into bars, and the salve will be finished. Participants will learn how to get the most out of the soap, how to store it and the many ways it can be used in the home.  Each participant will leave with 10 bars of soap, two bars of shampoo and a jar of inhalation salve along with notes from the day, an understanding of the safety requirements of making soap, skills and a recipe to continue making your own soap, shampoo and salves at home. Minimum four people.

The cost for this workshop is $195 per participant. 

Workshop: Soap, Shampoo and Salve

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