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Did you know...rose essential oil costs $3250 for a mere 100g?


Who cares, you may be thinking...


Well for all you classic rose lovers out there, it means that unless you've been paying an exorbitant price for your 'rose' scented beauty products in the past, there is a very VERY high chance they have been scented with skin irritating, synthetic chemicals labeled as 'fragrance'. (don't believe us...check your labels for yourself!)


As you know we have a strict no chemicals/synthetics policy at Bird Body Essentials, so we were determined to overcome this. After months of product testing in the Soap House, we finally found a way to naturally re-create the mollecular structure of the precious rose essential oil, using a combination of other safe, chemical free all natural essential oils, that leave your skin soft and gently rose scented. (bring out the candles and romance)


PLUS for all you non rose lovers out there...we've been told it smells much MUCH yummier than traditional rose products. (bonus!)


These essential oils specifically help to balance hormones.

Classic Rose

  • Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, local extra virgin oilive oil, organic shea butter, castor oil, caustic soda, water, natural yoghurt, french pink clay and essential oils of rose geranium, lavender, sweet orange and clary sage.

  • Wild harvested organic coconut oil, extra virgin local olive oil, water, caustic soda, organic shea butter, natural yoghurt, castor oil, french pink clay, essential oils of: Rose geranium, sweet orange, lavender and clary sage.

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