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As the weather gets cooler, we just want to cozy up by the fire, and try our best not to get sick. On the off chance that we do, we reach for our trusty jar of Inhalation Salve to help get us through. This powerful salve, is made with herbs collected from the Bird Body Essentials Medicinal Garden, and is soothing, refreshing and warming. It contains pure essential oils that are natural antiseptics, antiviral and specifically chosen for their therapeutic value. Keep it handy and it may assist with keeping the winter sniffles and germs at bay. Apply to your nose, throat, chest and feet when you have a cold. Please note weight is in grams not kilograms. Also, the ingredient list is slightly different to the label (there is no Shea Butter or Coconut oil in it).

Inhalation Salve

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, local beeswax and essential oils of cajeput, peppermint, cloves, camphor* and spearmint* 

    *Also exreacted from leaves collected from our garden

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