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Are you one of those people who tend to bruise easily? 


If so, we have the perfect product for you!


Our Comfrey Gold balm is packed with natural ingredients known for their ability to aid in reducing pain and inflammation. 


Comfrey is a herb that has been used since biblical times for its healing properties. The name is derived from the Latin word for 'grow together," and its ability to assist in relieving the pain associated with, as well as aiding in the reduction of recovery time of life's little bumps, bruises and sprains is the reason comfrey is often known by its nickname 'boneknit'. 


It has been used historically for treating broncial problems, aiding in wound healing as well as broken bones.


Our Comfrey Gold salve harnesses the natural goodness of comfrey (grown in the Bird Body Essentials medicinal garden, and hand extracted in our Soap House) with essential oils specifically selected for their analgesic and anti-bacterial qualities.


You may find it helpful in assisting in the recovery of all the lil bumps and bruises life throws your way.


The added bonus, is it's all natural, and perfect for use on the whole family (even the little munchkins) coz we all know how clumsy they can be at times!

Comfrey Gold

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