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Feel energised and ready for the day with this beautiful No.3. Toning Mist. Boasting witch hazel to remove excess sebum and the anti-inflammatory nettle leaf extract which tightens the skin, and essential oils that will leave you feeling great. 

BBE’s No.3 Toning Mist is the third step in your daily skincare routine, to improve skin quality and achieve more balanced, manageable skin, for all skin types.


Use in conjunction with BBE No.1 face cleanse bar, No.2a. Clay Mask, No.2b. Clay Mask Activator,  and the No.5. 100% Rose Hip. This is part of our Facial Skin Care range. 


Directions: As a daily routine: After cleansing with the No.1. Face bar,  follow with a few sprays of the No. 3. Toning Mist and finish with applying a little No. 5. 100% Rose Hip to problem spots you over night for a little extra treatment.


Occasionally as required mix a teaspoon sized amount of No. 2a. Clay Mask with a teaspoon of No.2b. Clay Activator, adjust amounts to reach desired consistency. (Place lid back on the activator so you don't accidently knock it over). Massage gently into your face in gentle circular motions, focusing on problem areas and the T-zone. Avoid eye area and broken skin. Leave to dry for approximately 10 to 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water and a face cloth.You will notice your face may look a little red after this  'spa-like' treatment, but that will settle in about 30 to 60 minutes.  It may look red, but you will find it doesn't feel irritated or unpleasant. 


No.3. Toning Mist

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