Gift boxes - the perfect handmade synthetic-free gifts 

K.K. box       $15

Bar of soap                       

Exfoliating sisal soap bag. 


Total  value             $17

Relaxation box $35

Two Bars of Soap              

Exfoliating sisal soap bag  

Bag of bath salts                


Total value             $42

Pamper pack   $55

One Rose Soap Bar         

One Sea Fresh Bar          

Shampoo Bar                  

Conditioner Bar              

Exfoliating sisal soap bag 


Total value          $64.50

Gift boxes .jpg

Rejuvenate and

pamper pack  $80

No 3 Toning  Mist                

Sea Fresh Soap Bar              

Rejuvenating Bath Salts      

Mr Tea tin of Organic Relax 

Rejuvenating Body Scrub     

Exfoliating sisal soap bag    


Total value           $88.80

Boxes are gift wrapped with

a raffia bow and a

Bird Body Essentials card